A Quick Baby Blanket

I found a curious thing in the stash of vintage yarn from my great-grandmother–quite a few large crocheted squares. I believe they were the beginnings of slippers, but the assembly instructions were unfortunately missing.

So instead of letting them go to waste, I took a few and put together a little baby blanket. The intended recipient is still undetermined :p but you never know when you’ll need a last minute gift!

Mind you, I still need to wash and straighten it up, but I think it turned out quite well.

If you’d like to make one, you’ll need 4 squares in single crochet, in alternating colors if you want. Then in a third coordinating color, sew the edges of all 4 together. In that same color, single crochet around the entire outside edge to create a border. I added 5 single crochet in one stitch at each corner, but I think 4 would do just fine.


Rag Rug Woes and Other Crafty News

So I had a bunch of old sheets that we weren’t using, and had the brilliant idea to use them for a rug. It’s resourceful and eco-friendly to upcycle something, right? Then I learned a valuable lesson–I don’t like making rag rugs.

I didn’t like tearing up the sheet and all the strings I then had to individually clean off each strip. I didn’t like the ancient fiber dust that coated everything in the room from all the ripping. The weaving itself was OK, but still not my favorite activity. Then I was running out of strips and realized I’d need more than one sheet to make a decent sized rug. That was disheartening considering how much I disliked the ripping and tearing process.

So I just finished it and it’s too small. But I do look on the bright side. I tried something new and I didn’t care for it. That’s ok. Trying new things always teaches us more about ourselves, and for that I am thankful.

Here is my itty bitty rug. I added more fringe to try and make it look bigger. I’m not convinced that did much for it.

rag rug


I did have some crafty successes this week though. I finished a kitchen puzzle, glued, framed, and hung it in our dining area. AND I made a cozy blanket as a house-warming gift for my brother and fiancée. They just moved into their first place together! I can’t wait to go visit! Until next time, keep crafting! 😀

Crocheted in the V-stitch

Crocheted in the V-stitch




Blanket Beginnings

Ok I did it. I started a blanket. It’s gonna take a while so I imagine there will be other projects in the meantime, but for now this is my only work in progress.

It’s in Avocado green with a simple seed stitch. I wanted a pattern I could work on pretty mindlessly while watching Netflix or just sitting on the couch relaxing.

Though I don’t have much done yet, I can already imagine cool fall nights and cold winter days curled up under this thing.

The Urge to Knit…A Blanket?

That’s right, it’s summer and a beautiful 80°F and I have a strange urge to knit a blanket. I usually take a break from knitting in the summer and switch to other hobbies, but I think I might go with this one. Maybe it’ll even be done by winter.

I’ve only every made one full-sized blanket–a simple crocheted piece in solid dark blue.

But I recently was gifted A LOT of yarn from my grandmother. Turns out it was my great-grandmother’s stash and had been stored in containers in her basement.

Yarn Stash

I still need to sort through it all, which could take a while. (They’re pretty deep containers!) But with so many colors, there are so many possibilities!

Now I just need to find a pattern….

Adorable Crochet Summer Clutch

No doubt summer is fast approaching, and while I usually don’t even want to look at yarn during the hot and sticky days of June-August, this crocheted clutch is too cute to pass up! I found it over on Tangled Happy. Small and versatile, I can see it being perfect for the essentials. And think of the bright tropical colors you can use! Now I just need to dig out the yarn and the crochet hooks…

Also, I know I haven’t been posting as regularly, but I’m still around (promise). Summer is the time I unwind, spending more time outdoors and less time in front of the computer. So go soak up the sun and I’ll see you back here every once in a while until winter comes back.

Yay summer!

This was too cute not to share with you guys! It’s perfect because I use clothespins to display my knitted items, organize my desk area, keep track of random notes, and hang pictures on clothesline I hung around the room. Even better, you can use different shapes (flowers, stars, letters, etc) and customize your clothespins to suit your style or decor.

You can find all the instructions for Pacman Clothespins over on Repeat Crafter Me. Happy crafting!

Arm Knitting – A Work in Progress

So while browsing the interwebs the other day and ran across this adorable project:

It uses arm knitting, which is a technique I’ve never tried before. I had a bunch of bright summer colors I thought would be fun to use and decided to give it a go.

Fun summer color yarn with my sun hat and bathing suit, just so I could make sure it all goes together.

Fun summer color yarn with my sun hat and bathing suit, just so I could make sure it all goes together.

Then I realized the instructions said to use 5 strands of yarns, so I added a light slivery gray. After I watched the tutorial on arm knitting, I got started. I had to re-cast on several times because I made the stitches too tight. On needles this would just be annoying, but on your arms you start cutting off circulation. NOT GOOD.

Ok, a few tries later, I had made it a few rows:


I did finish the project, but I’m not thrilled with it. So much so that I’m not even going to subject you to the amorphous blob I produced. To be fair, I don’t think anything is wrong with the pattern (in case you wanted to try it yourself). My problems were:

  1. I used bulky yarn instead of worsted weight. This resulted in a very bulky finished piece that didn’t look as light as airy as the original.
  2. It’s waaayyy too big. Perhaps this is due to the yarn. It just swallowed me up with a I put it on and I couldn’t get comfortable wearing it.
  3. I don’t like the color combination.  Yes, it’s bright and colorful, but just doesn’t thrill me. Can’t really pinpoint why, but I’m not going to try to convince myself I like it.

Since I only have bulky weight yarn, I think I’ll rip it all out and start over using just 2 or 3 yarns. It’s a work in progress, but I’m determined to make a cute summer accessory! I hardly ever come across summer knitting that I like or want to attempt, so I’m not going to let this setup defeat me!

Talk to you soon!