Blanket Beginnings

Ok I did it. I started a blanket. It’s gonna take a while so I imagine there will be other projects in the meantime, but for now this is my only work in progress.

It’s in Avocado green with a simple seed stitch. I wanted a pattern I could work on pretty mindlessly while watching Netflix or just sitting on the couch relaxing.

Though I don’t have much done yet, I can already imagine cool fall nights and cold winter days curled up under this thing.


The Urge to Knit…A Blanket?

That’s right, it’s summer and a beautiful 80°F and I have a strange urge to knit a blanket. I usually take a break from knitting in the summer and switch to other hobbies, but I think I might go with this one. Maybe it’ll even be done by winter.

I’ve only every made one full-sized blanket–a simple crocheted piece in solid dark blue.

But I recently was gifted A LOT of yarn from my grandmother. Turns out it was my great-grandmother’s stash and had been stored in containers in her basement.

Yarn Stash

I still need to sort through it all, which could take a while. (They’re pretty deep containers!) But with so many colors, there are so many possibilities!

Now I just need to find a pattern….

Adorable Crochet Summer Clutch

No doubt summer is fast approaching, and while I usually don’t even want to look at yarn during the hot and sticky days of June-August, this crocheted clutch is too cute to pass up! I found it over on Tangled Happy. Small and versatile, I can see it being perfect for the essentials. And think of the bright tropical colors you can use! Now I just need to dig out the yarn and the crochet hooks…

Also, I know I haven’t been posting as regularly, but I’m still around (promise). Summer is the time I unwind, spending more time outdoors and less time in front of the computer. So go soak up the sun and I’ll see you back here every once in a while until winter comes back.

Yay summer!

26 Things About Me For My 26th Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday–yes, I’m now in the second half of my 20’s and on my way to the big 3-0.

Happy Birthday!

So in celebration, I thought I’d share 26 random things about me!

  1. I have a dog and two cats.
  2. My favorite dessert is anything with chocolate.
  3. But I could probably eat fruit for all 3 meals because it’s delicious.
  4. I walk about 60 miles a week.
  5. I’ve been to London, Madrid, and traveled around Uganda.
  6. I don’t really know what my passion is or how to find it.
  7. I have a strange fascination with rocks and geology.
  8. I feel most comfortable in the kitchen or on the couch.
  9. I still have the popsicle stick wishing well Mom and I made as a school project.
  10. I love to organize things. Sometimes I reorganize drawers, closets, or the freezer just because.
  11. I enjoy walking barefoot through cool grass.
  12. I’ve never held a job longer than 2.5 years.
  13. My favorite books series is Harry Potter, followed closely by Lord of the Rings.
  14. I think I’d do pretty well on a trivia game show.
  15. I truly believe that downsizing and de-cluttering can change your life.
  16. I have highly vegetarian eating habits.
  17. I don’t like condiments except BBQ sauce.
  18. I’m terrible with directions. TERRIBLE.
  19. I love roller coasters and amusement parks.
  20. I enjoy being by water, but I’m not a strong swimmer.
  21. I want to visit all the National Parks.
  22. Going to college was totally worth it, even though I’m not really using my marketing degree.
  23. I have a strange mix of creativity and practicality in my personality.
  24. I actually have fun exploring ways to be frugal and resourceful.
  25. I move about once a year, and really don’t mind the constant change.
  26. I’m still excited about the possibilities and endless potential the future holds.

Photo Credit, Steven Bratman

This was too cute not to share with you guys! It’s perfect because I use clothespins to display my knitted items, organize my desk area, keep track of random notes, and hang pictures on clothesline I hung around the room. Even better, you can use different shapes (flowers, stars, letters, etc) and customize your clothespins to suit your style or decor.

You can find all the instructions for Pacman Clothespins over on Repeat Crafter Me. Happy crafting!

Summer Shawl Complete! Ta Da!

For a couple weeks I’ve been working on making a nice summer shawl for myself–nothing too heavy but something airy and versatile and perfect for a cool summer night or breezy spring day.

It started with an experiment in arm knitting, but I didn’t like the color combination I choose and the bulkiness of all the yarn.


I ripped out the finished piece (which I didn’t even take a picture of), and diligently re-wound 5 different colors. This took forever. Well…more like 3 Harry Potter movies worth of time.

Pile of Yarn

I used this time to brainstorm how to restart the project. I choose just 3 colors instead of 5, and decided I was going to crochet. For some reason crochet=summer to me, whereas knitting=winter. I used the same meshwork pattern that I made tote bags with.

Crochet Mesh Bag

I also did blocks of solid color, instead of mixing the colors. The resulting shawl ended up HUGE. Way bigger than I intended. When draped around my shoulders, it went far past my butt. When tied around my waist, it reached half-way down my calves. So big. Here’s a picture for reference, in the only place I could find to spread it out completely (except the floor, but the cats would pounce quickly).

Large shawl pre-felting

I had used the only kind of yarn I had on hand – wool – so decided to felt the piece so it would shrink up a bit.  The result? PERFECTION.  It’s now the perfect size and holds it’s shape well while still being flexible.

I’m excited to wear it this summer and can’t wait to try it out! It may have taken quite a bit longer than arm knitting, but it was well worth the effort.

How about you? Any projects you had to restart and decided to go in whole new direction? Were you happy with how it turned out? I find sometimes trying a whole new idea can lead you places you wouldn’t have otherwise ended up. Enjoy the new discovery!

Easter Flowers are Charming

So remember when I posted about my idea for an Easter project using crochet flowers? Well, instead of using Dum-Dum suckers for the flower centers, I used little marble charms! There were another set of leftovers from a previous project, but they turned out just so gosh-darn cute!

Crochet Flower Centerpiece

Each marble was hand-wrapped with wire and attached to a small clasp so you can use it as a charm on a bracelet, pendant, purse, or whatever you want. I actually saved a few larger ones to hang on my tree at Christmas.

The project was a success! Everyone loved them at Easter dinner and thought they were adorable. To top it off, I did it all with stuff I already had around the house!

Hope everyone had a good Easter and enjoyed time with the family 😀

P.S. I finished my summer wrap I was working on. Decided to go a completely different direction….updates soon!