Homemade Holiday Wreaths

Christmas is certainly upon us, and with less than a week to go, I hope you’re all ready for the festivities!

This year, I decided to make everyone on my list a holiday wreath, each with a little (or a lot) of my great-grandmother’s yarn. I love the warm, cozy look and feel of yarn-wrapped wreaths, so I made my own versions.

Some I simply wrapped with a single piece of yarn, others I wrapped with a super long crochet chain. And the ones for my grandparents are grapevine wreaths with yarn-wrapped personalized letters.

I couldn’t post all the wreaths, since not everyone has opened theirs yet 😀 but I loved making them! The process is so easy, and I always like thinking of creative ways to decorate with extra ornaments and ribbons.

Here’s hoping your holidays are full of merriment and cheer, with laughter from friends and family in the chilly winter air!




Rag Rug Woes and Other Crafty News

So I had a bunch of old sheets that we weren’t using, and had the brilliant idea to use them for a rug. It’s resourceful and eco-friendly to upcycle something, right? Then I learned a valuable lesson–I don’t like making rag rugs.

I didn’t like tearing up the sheet and all the strings I then had to individually clean off each strip. I didn’t like the ancient fiber dust that coated everything in the room from all the ripping. The weaving itself was OK, but still not my favorite activity. Then I was running out of strips and realized I’d need more than one sheet to make a decent sized rug. That was disheartening considering how much I disliked the ripping and tearing process.

So I just finished it and it’s too small. But I do look on the bright side. I tried something new and I didn’t care for it. That’s ok. Trying new things always teaches us more about ourselves, and for that I am thankful.

Here is my itty bitty rug. I added more fringe to try and make it look bigger. I’m not convinced that did much for it.

rag rug


I did have some crafty successes this week though. I finished a kitchen puzzle, glued, framed, and hung it in our dining area. AND I made a cozy blanket as a house-warming gift for my brother and fiancée. They just moved into their first place together! I can’t wait to go visit! Until next time, keep crafting! 😀

Crocheted in the V-stitch

Crocheted in the V-stitch




This was too cute not to share with you guys! It’s perfect because I use clothespins to display my knitted items, organize my desk area, keep track of random notes, and hang pictures on clothesline I hung around the room. Even better, you can use different shapes (flowers, stars, letters, etc) and customize your clothespins to suit your style or decor.

You can find all the instructions for Pacman Clothespins over on Repeat Crafter Me. Happy crafting!

Easter Flowers are Charming

So remember when I posted about my idea for an Easter project using crochet flowers? Well, instead of using Dum-Dum suckers for the flower centers, I used little marble charms! There were another set of leftovers from a previous project, but they turned out just so gosh-darn cute!

Crochet Flower Centerpiece

Each marble was hand-wrapped with wire and attached to a small clasp so you can use it as a charm on a bracelet, pendant, purse, or whatever you want. I actually saved a few larger ones to hang on my tree at Christmas.

The project was a success! Everyone loved them at Easter dinner and thought they were adorable. To top it off, I did it all with stuff I already had around the house!

Hope everyone had a good Easter and enjoyed time with the family 😀

P.S. I finished my summer wrap I was working on. Decided to go a completely different direction….updates soon!

DIY Rejuvenating Coffee Scrub

coffee beans

Photo Credit, Paul Galow

After rushing around for the holidays, a relaxing day at home is exactly what I need.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so.  To help rejuvenate and refresh for the new year, try this coffee scrub!  I love coffee so this was right up my alley. It’s all natural, easy to make right in your kitchen, and leaves skin super soft.

Happy New Year! Hope everyone’s celebrations were fun, memorable, and safe!

Coffee Scrub

  • 1 cup ground coffee
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp fresh ground cinnamon

Blend all of these ingredients together in an airtight container, such as a mason jar (functional and pretty!)

Use: Massage scrub over clean, damp skin; rinse and pat dry. Use a little soap when rinsing if you don’t want too much oil left behind on your skin.

The scrub will keep for 2 months if kept in a cool, dry place.

DIY Glass Straw Holder

A while ago I reviewed my awesome glass straw from Glass Dharma. I still love it, however, I have a small confession: I haven’t been very good about using it when I go out to eat. Mostly because I didn’t have a clean, safe way to carry it around, so I would have to just forgo a straw altogether.  But no more!  Today I made myself a straw holder!  I’m quite proud of my rudimentary sewing skills.

And in case you find yourself in possession of a glass straw without a holder, here’s my instructions on how to make one in just an afternoon!

I used an old microfiber cloth, but you can use any material you like–scrap of fabric, cloth napkin, odd sock that’s lost it’s mate–as long as it’s clean and soft.


  • soft cloth
  • thread
  • needle

glass straw holder


  1. Trim the cloth so that it’s slightly longer and about twice as wide as your straw
  2. Fold it over longways.
  3. Sew up the bottom and side, leaving the top open to slide the straw in and out of the pouch.
  4. Turn the pouch inside-out, so the sewn edges are hidden.  (Easier said than done. Microfiber tends to stick to itself, so this step was a little tricky for me. Other fabrics may be easier.)
  5. Done!

glass straw holder

glass straw holder

glass straw holder

glass straw holder

DIY Hot Socks (Rice Socks)

DIY Rice Hot SocksCall it a hot sock, rice sock, or personal heating pad, one thing is for sure–you should have one. Why? It’s simple, takes less than a minute to make, and you probably already have the materials in your house. Plus they’re great to have for:

  • soothing sore muscles
  • warming up the bed at night
  • relieving cramps and/or headaches

Most directions I found for these included sewing them shut, but since my sewing skills aren’t very good, I just tied a really tight knot with a spare bit of yarn.  Surprisingly, I haven’t had any rice fall out and we’ve been using them for over a year!

DIY Rice Hot Socks

Make Your Own Hot Sock (Rice Sock)


  • Clean cotton socks.  Tube socks are easy to work with , and thermals are great for distributing heat and are less prone to holes, any sock will work.  Mine were just mismatched leftovers from a previous craft.
  • Regular white rice–not instant!  If you don’t have any, it’s very inexpensive to buy…or try dry beans, but they’re a bit lumpy.
  • Bit of string/yarn (or sewing skills)


  1. Fill each sock up about 3/4 of the way with rice.
  2. Tie the top very tight with the string, or sew the top shut.
  3. Heat up in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. Careful–they can get hot!

Enjoy the warmth the next time you have a sore muscle or want to keep your toes toasty in the bed. You can even make one for everyone in the family.  Happy crafting!