Meet Amanda

IMG_0433.2My name’s Amanda and that’s me over there (with my sweetie).
I’m the brains behind this operation, and currently the hands, feet, and body of it too.I started knitting about 10 years ago and haven’t stopped since. It’s a wonderful thing to turn a strand of yarn into something beautiful and useful, and I love sharing that experience with others.
In addition to my current knitting projects, I share all sorts of other topics, from simple recipes to the deep meanings of happiness and success. So stick around! You might just find something useful!


I currently live with my boyfriend and 5-year old dog, Lola, in Bellevue OH.  When not knitting, I enjoy eating anything chocolate, drinking coffee or tea, and being in the great outdoors.  I’m oddly fascinated by minimalism, geology, and the prospect of adventure. 
dog in a crochet sweater

Lola, in the sweater I made her a few years ago. She’s the sunshine in my day 🙂


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