Overcoming Fear – I’m Publishing a Cookbook!

2lb Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

I don’t talk about cooking much on this site, mostly because I have an entire other blog devoted to culinary creations, but I wanted to let you all know about some big news–I’m publishing a cookbook!

Five years ago, I sat in my desk corner of our tiny apartment and wrote a cookbook. I picked my favorite, most used recipes and set up an amateur photo shoot of my dishes. I tested, edited, and completed my book, feeling quite accomplished.

Then it just sat there–for five years. Why? The usual culprits (life, work, adulthood) come to mind, but really it was fear of rejection and lack of knowledge. I didn’t know what to do next, and even if I did, I was really worried about people finding my book useless. Too simple. Nothing special.

But a few weeks ago I dug it out from the old files on a flash drive and started to work on it again. I updated it with a few new recipes, took all new photos, and am finally in the last stages of editing it before publishing it as an e-book on Amazon! I don’t want fear of failure to guide my decisions in life–I’m happy with the work I’ve put together and want to share it with the world!

It’s a small cookbook (about 60 recipes) and meant for young adults just getting started. After all, that’s the stage of life I was in when I started writing it. So whether you just started college, graduated with a degree, or moved out on your own, it’s got what you need to feed yourself something more than boxed mac’n’cheese.

It’s short and sweet but offers a little bit of everything. Need a snack for a party? Try Crispy Nibblers. Or 2-pound fudge, it’s always a winner. Want pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning? No problem, you don’t even need any eggs. Maybe you need a quick meatless dish for a vegetarian friend–Bean Tamale Pie to the rescue!

Best Eggless Pancakes

Best Eggless Pancakes

I’m so excited I can hardly wait! I truly hope it helps people learn to cook at home and realize good food can be easy to make in your own kitchen. It’ll be available in the Kindle store by the end of the month, with a paperback version available before the winter holidays, but that’s still in the works.

Moral of the (long) story–don’t let fear run your life! Sure, I didn’t know anything about making a cookbook, but I learned. I stayed up late and I researched like crazy and read article after article on self-publishing. I’m certainly no expert but even if my book isn’t successful, I’m really glad that I tried instead of wondering “what if” for years. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do in your life, go do it! Get started!

P.S. The title of the book is Fend For Yourself: 60 Simple Recipes for the Beginner Cook. I’ll be sure to announce when it’s available, but keep an eye out!

P.P.S. My crafting time has been consumed by the cookbook lately, and though I consider cooking a craft in itself, I should be back to my yarn very soon. Winter is coming and I have gifts to make!


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