Crocheted Spring Flowers

I was doing a bit of spring cleaning recently and found a whole pile of crocheted flowers left over from a project I worked on early last year.


Trying to figure out a use for them, I ran across this post on Repeat Crafter Me for Dum-Dum Daisies. Super cute, right? I decided a bouquet of these little cuties would be perfect to take to Easter dinner in a few weeks! I even have a bright sunny flower pot I can put them in.  So in the time it takes to watch Total Recall, I weaved in all those ends and ended up with 15 flowers ready for little lollipops.

I think I’ll stop by the dollar store tomorrow and pick some Dum-Dums up. I probably won’t assemble the flowers until closer to Easter, but I’ll definitely share the result. I love spring! I’m just happier all the time 🙂 and much more inspired to be crafty!


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