Tip of the Day

No new knitting this week, but I did want to tell you guys about the Tip of the Day that I’ve been doing on Facebook and Twitter.  I started it at the beginning of the year, and while I don’t do it every single day, I do share tips several times a week.

The tips can be very specific, like quick recipe suggestions, or very broad, like life lessons and general advice. I try to mix it up and include tips for cooking, cleaning, being healthy, exercising, or just being happier. Most are practical, though some are meant to be obvious and make you smile (like, don’t walk down the street with your eyes closed).

If you aren’t following on Facebook or Twitter yet, go on and do it! My links are over there on the sidebar. Who knows, you may just pick up a useful tip or two 😀

Hope you had a happy weekend!


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