Avocado Herringbone Cowl

It’s been a quiet week here. Actually, it’s been a stressful-for-no-reason week for me, but at this moment it seems quiet so that’s how I’ll choose to describe it. I’ve been knitting, making cinnamon bread, and drinking coffee. Right now I’m watching the winter storm roll in and the snowflakes fall and gather outside.

Most of the week I’ve been worrying about finances and considering looking for a new job and running around trying to finish chores I don’t have enough time or energy for. But it seems a little pointless that I spent that time worrying. The chores are finished and my job is bearable (though I may start searching for a closer one) and all the bills are paid with gas in the car and food in the pantry. So all in all life is good.

I did finish knitting a nice new cowl in a really cool new pattern. It’s just knit and purl stitches, but I love the way it turned out.

You can find the simple pattern on my Pinterest Knitting Board if you want to try it out yourself. I think I used 10 mm needles and cast on 65 stitches for the cowl.

In other news, you may notice some changes around the blog, like the Project Gallery that replaced Go Shopping. The Etsy shop is currently on ‘vacation’ for an undetermined amount of time until I can finish taxes and get the business bookkeeping in order. Each year I pause around this time to determine profitability and future business. Sure, it would be a much better plan to think about this throughout the year, but I’m not quite that organized.

Happy knitting and stay warm!



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