Taking Stock #2

freezing fog

Making : a new cowl in avocado green
Cooking : bean soup in the slow cooker
Drinking : hot cocoa on a cold winter’s night
Reading: Mr. Money Mustache to realign my financial outlook
Wanting: a nice long nap
Looking: for new recipes
Playing: Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft
Wasting: time watching too much Gilmore Girls on Netflix
Sewing: the hem of my work pants and the hole in Nate’s winter hat
Wishing: for warmer weather
Enjoying: knitting with bulky wool yarn
Waiting: until after I finish this post to get myself a snack
Liking: the art I finally hung on the walls
Wondering: how long I’ll be able to keep up working 6 days a week (this hasn’t changed)
Loving: my new yarn ball winder
Hoping: things go well with the new girl at work
Marveling: at nature and the snow and the way the cold air takes your breath away
Needing: to drink more water every day
Smelling: coffee brewing
Wearing: cozy sweatpants
Following: my editorial calendar, for once I’m actually sticking to it
Noticing: that I dropped a stitch in my knitting several rows ago
Knowing: each new day brings new opportunities
Thinking: of new daily tips to share
Feeling: like I ate too much pizza this week, again
Bookmarking: knitting patterns – so many to try!
Opening: the mail…it’s just bills. no fun.

Check out Taking Stock #1 if you want to know what was going on a few months ago in early November.


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