Be Thankful and Spend Thoughtfully This Year

Many of us celebrated Thanksgiving this past week, and today I want to take the time to express my gratitude for…everything really. I’m always grateful my loving family, the roof over my head, and my health, but this year I feel even more appreciative of things we often take for granted–like running water and hot showers. I’m thankful for freedom, my job, personal space, and the amazing gift of life that every day brings. I’m especially thankful for all of you! Without you, my readers and customers, my shop wouldn’t be were it is today. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and you were all able to reflect on what you’re thankful for!

Photo Credit, John Morgan

Now traditionally, the weekend after Thanksgiving is full of shopping and discounts and deals with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. I find it a little odd that we celebrate being thankful for what we have, only to go buy more stuff. Stuff we don’t need, stuff we can’t afford–it’s just stuff. Knick knacks that get put on shelves to collect dust, electronics that will be outdated next year anyway, and toys that will be broken and forgotten by February.

This year, I encourage you to spend thoughtfully, especially when buying gifts.  Get just one or two bigger items the receipt actually needs, instead of lots of little things. Give the gift of a great experience to a concert, play, zoo, or other event. Get crafty and make your gifts this year, even if it’s just a big batch of cookies or sweets. Forgo cheap plastic and buy quality items that will last for years to come.  Whoever you are buying for, remember that the holidays are about peace and joy and being together.  Despite what advertisers are screaming at you, the holidays aren’t all about opening presents.

So, how will you make this year’s festivities full of memories instead of just full of stuff?

Photo Credit, Toby Otter


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