New Look in the Studio

I’ve started calling my craft room a studio, mostly because that just sounds much cooler.  Progress has been slower than I wanted, but I’m finally getting things organized. Take a look:

knit scarf storage display solution

Product Inventory

office wall organization

Office Space

puzzle art

Puzzle Art!

I still need to get a few pegboards for yarn storage, and frame and hang a few more art pieces I’ve had for a while, but I definitely feel a lot more organized now!

My big desk is offically my crafting table as well. Previously it’s always been my computer desk, but it’s such a great open space, I wanted it to be (mostly) clear for me to wrap up sold items, do some scrapbooking, or complete a puzzle.  It’s great to have the space and be able to leave a partially-finished project out and ready to be worked on in an area separate from my computer activities.

craft table desk

Official Crafting Table

Overall, I’m happy with how it’s coming along.  I’ll let ya’ll know when it’s finished! 😀


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