Taking Stock #1

Titanic MugMaking : lists of things to do before hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.  Why did I offer to host again?
Cooking : cranberry oat bars.  Yum!
Drinking : Rockstar Punched Energy + Guava.  I’ve never had it before, but it’s quite good. Very zingy.
Reading: about the best snacks/appetizers to have with wine.
Wanting: yarn. I want so much more yarn.
Looking: at my cats in the window.  This is one of the few times they are cute and behaved.
Playing: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.  Never fails to get me pumped up.
Wasting: too many sticky notes making lists.  I should just use a legal pad or something.
Sewing: my sweatpants that have had a hole in them since last winter.
Wishing: for a million dollars.
Enjoying: quiet time at home. And having my own craft room. It’s nice to have a space that’s all your own.
Waiting: until after Christmas to get anything new.
Liking: laying on the floor with my dog.
Wondering: how long I’ll be able to keep up working 6 days a week.
Loving: finally getting organized.
Hoping: this winter ins’t nearly as bad as last winter.
Marveling: at how fast the seasons change. Seems like fall just started and so many trees are already bare. And Christmas music started on the radio today!
Needing: a long weekend.
Smelling: those cranberry oat bars in the oven.
Wearing: a warm fuzzy jacket.
Following: my budget.
Noticing: how loud the neighbors are.
Knowing: my family is always there for me.
Thinking: of new ideas and designs for the shop.
Feeling: a little chilly. I need to turn on the heater.
Bookmarking: recipes! Thanksgiving sides, slow-cooker soups, and desserts.
Opening: email.
Giggling: at nothing. I don’t really giggle. Full out laughter is the way to go.


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