Free Pattern: Knit I-Cord Wrap Bracelet

A few months ago I started knitting these neat little I-cord bracelets, partly because I think knitting an I-cord is a really cool thing.  Today I want to share the pattern with you so you can make your own bracelets!

I used a handmade wooden button on mine, but you can use any kind of button you have lying around (or go find yourself some that you like).  You don’t even have to use a button if you don’t want, but I think they add a little charm.  These look great in the summer–very beachy in my opinion–and are thoughtful little gifts for friends and family too!

knit wrap bracelet

Knit I-Cord Wrap Bracelet

What you’ll need

Double-pointed needles: any size between 3 and 5 should be fine, I believe mine are size 5.
Small amount of yarn: I used organic worsted weight cotton.  Any amount you have leftover from a previous project should work out well.
A button: like I mentioned above, completely optional


Note: The number of wraps you want will determine the overall length of the I-cord.  I wrap my bracelet 4 times and it’s about 28 inches long.  To determine the length your I-cord should be, measure the circumference of your wrist and multiply by the number of wraps you want, then add one inch.

Step 1: Cast on 3 stitches.
Step 2: Knit.
Step 3: DO NOT TURN. Slide the stitches to the other end of the needle and knit all 3 stitches.

Continue to repeat Step 3 until I-cord is desired length.

knit wrap bracelet in progress

If using a button:
Bind off, but leave a loop on the last stitch for your button to pass through.  On the starting end, use a needle and thread to attach your button. Then slip your button through the loop to complete the bracelet.

knit bracelet button

If not using a button:
Bind off all three stitches, then use a yarn needle to sew the two ends of your bracelet together.  There will be a visible seam, but you can always try to hide that on the inside of your wrist, or add a dangling charm or whatever suits your fancy.

Now go wear your creation with pride and make more!


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