Green Alternative to Single-Use K-cups

Oh how the weeks are flying by.  Seems like summer just started, but it’s already the middle of August! With a new day job and plans to move, I haven’t been knitting nearly as much (hence the lack of posts), but I did want to share another eco-friendly product with you.

I love coffee, and back in the spring, Nate and I got a great deal on a single-serve coffee maker that uses those little K-Cups. Now, K-Cups themselves are outrageously expensive and super wasteful.  You get one use and then throw away tons of plastic and foil packaging.  But we like the idea of making just one cup at a time. We waste less coffee (vs. dumping out the last few cups in the bottom of a large pot that sat for too long), and the coffee is always hot when you want it (vs. re-heating in the microwave all day).

Instead of being wasteful, we invested in a simple re-usable K-Cup.  It may not be the “perfect” eco-friendly product (it is made from plastic after-all), but I will say it’s much better than creating all that waste with single-use cups. I’ve been using it for a while, and am very happy with it.  If you have a coffee maker that uses K-Cups, I suggest getting one.  You can fill it with you own flavored coffees or even loose leaf tea!

I picked mine up at Wal-Mart, but you can just as easily get them online if you want something fancier.


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