Mini Crochet Star Pattern

I started making these adorable little stars a few years ago, and created entire sets as Christmas ornaments, then moved to attaching them to bobby pins for cute hair accessories.  But these little guys have so many possible applications!

  • stitched together as garland
  • as an appliqué on towels, hats, scarfs, washcloths, skirts, or any number of different clothing choices
  • hair accessories (bobby pin or headband)
  • brooch pin
  • stitch and stuff two together for 3D stars
  • party decorations

Make a few yourself with this quick crochet pattern!  I use standard US abbreviations.


yellow crochet star












Mini Crochet Stars

Ch 5.
Rnd 1: sl st to first sc to close round
Rnd 2: ch 1, 3sc in each st, sl st to first sc to close round
Rnd 3: Repeat the following 5 times for each point on the star: sl st, ch1, [hdc, ch1, trc, ch1] in next st, [dc, hdc, ch1] in next st

Fasten off, leaving a long tail if you plan to do any sewing.  Weave in center tail.

Happy crafting!


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