Spring Shawl Transformation (Into a Place Mat)

A few weeks ago I posted about my plans to make a lovely spring/summer shawl from individually crocheted flowers. This was my progress:

crochet flowers

After hours of stitching them together and weaving in so many ends, I decided to cut the project short. I then turned my shawl into a lovely place mat.  Or hot plate to put your casserole dish on. Or a thing you can place under your table centerpiece.

crochet flower mat

Did I feel like I failed the project? Did I feel guilty to have given up?  Yes, but only a little.  I realized that not all my plans are destined to work out, and sometimes you have to be willing to adapt. After the initial “new project” excitement, my feelings for the piece fell flat and I wasn’t enjoying the process.  I was painstakingly sewing a flower one night when I thought, “Will this be worth it? Is this project really worth all the hours I’ll need to put into it? Could I still salvage what I’ve done and move on to more inspiring and enjoyable work?”  So I got creative and decided that now it’s just a place mat. And I’m ok with that, because I want to enjoy what I’m doing–that’s the whole reason I started my own business in the first place!

I’m glad I tried something new and different though. It helps expand my skills as a fiber artist, and helps me determine exactly what kind of projects I’m likely to enjoy in the future.  Lesson learned
: stay flexible. The one thing you can count in life is that things change, and sometimes you have to be the catalyst for that change.

So if you aren’t really feeling a project, get creative and turn it into something else!  You may just surprise yourself with your ingenuity.


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