A Thrift Shop Find

On this journey to live a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle, I often make deliberate choices to purchase an item that will eliminate my need to buy disposable products (such as the Moon Cup, glass straw, and Pyrex storage dishes).  I consider these items an investment–although I spend a little more on them now, I will no longer need to buy tampons, straws, or plastic GladWare, which all inevitably end up in the trash.  Each of these items I researched, budgeted for, and bought with consideration.

But sometimes you just have to be on the lookout.  Sometimes you find an item that you weren’t even looking for, but will help eliminate waste in your life.  Case in point: The reusable lint remover.

Found at Goodwill for $1.99.  This model is actually a lint remover, brush, and shoehorn all in one.  A pretty good find if I do say so myself. Thankfully, this will now eliminate our need to buy disposable lint rollers, which I think is really just masking tap rolled on a plastic handle.

While most days I just live with my clothes covered in cat/dog hair, there are times when I need a lint remover, and I’ve always wished I had a nice one.  Probably a weird thing to wish for, but my mom had an awesome one that last throughout my whole childhood, into my teenage years, and likely is still in use today.  For years I searched, but the ones I found just fell apart after a few uses.  Of course, they were inexpensive and mostly plastic, so I shouldn’t be surprised. But at last, I found one!

The moral of this story/post, is to always be on the lookout.  Always be thinking about how you can eliminate waste from your life, even if it’s something as trivial as your lint roller. Every little thing counts!

I challenge you to find one disposable thing you buy on a regular basis, and replace it with a reusable alternative.  Not only are you helping the planet by reducing your waste, your saving your own money at the same time. Win win!


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