DIY Glass Straw Holder

A while ago I reviewed my awesome glass straw from Glass Dharma. I still love it, however, I have a small confession: I haven’t been very good about using it when I go out to eat. Mostly because I didn’t have a clean, safe way to carry it around, so I would have to just forgo a straw altogether.  But no more!  Today I made myself a straw holder!  I’m quite proud of my rudimentary sewing skills.

And in case you find yourself in possession of a glass straw without a holder, here’s my instructions on how to make one in just an afternoon!

I used an old microfiber cloth, but you can use any material you like–scrap of fabric, cloth napkin, odd sock that’s lost it’s mate–as long as it’s clean and soft.


  • soft cloth
  • thread
  • needle

glass straw holder


  1. Trim the cloth so that it’s slightly longer and about twice as wide as your straw
  2. Fold it over longways.
  3. Sew up the bottom and side, leaving the top open to slide the straw in and out of the pouch.
  4. Turn the pouch inside-out, so the sewn edges are hidden.  (Easier said than done. Microfiber tends to stick to itself, so this step was a little tricky for me. Other fabrics may be easier.)
  5. Done!

glass straw holder

glass straw holder

glass straw holder

glass straw holder


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