Work in Progress: Spring Flower Shawl

Well, we’re back from vacation. It was a wonderful week full of sunshine and sandy beaches.  Trust me, it was really hard to come back.  Want to see all the photos and hear the story? My boyfriend and I put them up on our blog, Stop Licking Lola, so definitely go check it out.  But in case all you want to hear about it are my yarn-related projects, I do have an update on the flower shawl I gave you a sneak peak of before we left.

crochet flower shawl

In this photo I have the first 3 columns on the right-hand side completely stitched together, and had laid out a few more columns so I could remember where to put the colored flowers when I got to them.

I plan to use the shawl as a beach wrap around my waist as well so it can have a dual-purpose, but after measuring I realized that I have a lot more flowers to make!

There’s now a total of 5 columns completed, and although I didn’t get as much of it done last week as I thought I would, I’m happy with it.  Should be done in the next week or so I’m thinking, then you’ll see the final result!


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