A Plant-Based Diet

colorful fruits and veggies Today I made a choice to eat a plant-strong diet, which means no more dairy, eggs, or meat, and a lot less oil.

It’s an idea I’ve been considering for a few weeks actually.  I’ve done research and watched documentaries (I highly recommend Forks Over Knives and Food,Inc. if you haven’t seen them), looked up blogs and tried a few recipes, but until today I wasn’t in it whole-heartedly.For whatever reason, I feel that today enough was enough.  I know highly processed foods and animal products are not good for my health or the environment, so why should I keep eating them?  I’ve done the research, absorbed the information, and evaluated my beliefs on the whole thing.  I’m ready.

Eating a plant-strong diet not only means better health for my body, it also means less impact on the Earth.  I’m no longer contributing to the entire commercialized livestock industry with large inhumane factory farms that use harmful hormones and antibiotics humans should not be consuming.  Instead I’m getting my nutrients from plants, which is just one step closer to the original energy source–the sun!

I’m very excited! There are so many great blogs I’ve found and recipes I’m eager to try.  I’ve always loved fruits and veggies and grains, so I don’t think the transition will be too taxing.  The biggest adjustment will be in regards to baking.  I’m so used to using butter and eggs!  But I know that with the power of the internet, anything is possible.

I’m looking forward to sharing recipes and ideas with you, my awesome readers, right here on Knitting Naturals!  Although we only sell organic and ecofriendly knit and crochet items in the shop, I believe that “Going Green” can be incorporated into all aspects of your life (even your food). Since the overall mission of Knitting Naturals is to make the world a greener place, I’ll be sharing all the wonderful ecofriendly tips and tricks I discover!


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