No Alternatives Found

So you’ve been trying to make more eco-friendly purchasing decisions.  Maybe you’ve been doing research and looking at different companies and products before buying anything new.  (Applause for your sensibility and effort, by the way.) But what if you can’t find any eco-friendly alternatives to products you want to buy?My default answer is usually to do without, but if you absolutely must have it, there are some other solutions:

  • Find a different way to accomplish the same result. For example, instead of using disposable sponges to wash dishes, use organic cotton washcloths that can be thrown in the laundry.  Dishes still get clean either way.
  • Borrow it.  Ask friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers if they have what you need, given that you only need it a short while.  No use buying a big roasting pan if you only use it twice a year on holidays.  Same goes for bundt cake pans, and a lot of other kitchen stuff actually.  And tools.
  • Buy it used.  The local thrift shop is your friend. Use it. Alternatively, check online sites like eBay or Amazon, though keep in mind the resources for packing and shipping.
  • Get creative. Upcycle, recycle, and get crafty with your DIY skills.  Or have a creative friend help you!
guy with a shovel

This guy is having tons of fun with the shovel he BORROWED.   Photo Credit, DaMongMan

Extra CreditIf you want to help create change and have a better, more ecofriendly product reach the market, then take action.  Write to the company or manufacturer, ask questions, make suggestions, give your opinion.  While you may think they won’t listen to just one person, they will listen to the growing number of people demanding greener products.  So speak up and let your voice be heard!


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