Do What You Like

I have a knitting confession: I don’t like complex knitting patterns.  Or anything that will take me too many hours to complete.  I have no interest in knitting sweaters, or cabled cardigans, or intricate lacy shawls.  I’ve knit leg warmers before, but even those can take quite a while and I debate if I should make them a staple in my shop.

It’s not that I don’t want to expand my talents.  On the contrary, I love to learn new patterns and techniques and become a more experienced knitter.  But I’ve realized that’s just not what I like to do.  When I’m knitting, it’s almost therapeutic.  I focus on the feel of the yarn, on the movement of the needles.  My mind can wander and daydream and think of new colors and designs I want to work on.  I can think through problems I’m struggling with, or simply enjoy the sound of the wind outside my window.  I feel more connected to the moment when I can let my hands and my mind be free, instead of concentrating on some complex pattern where I need to count stitches and remember to do some fancy technique with my needles every so many rows.

Sometimes I think this makes me an amateur, not good enough for my items to ever be wanted by anyone because they aren’t in intricate breathtaking patterns.  I think that to be an expert knitter I have to turn out knit dresses and big throws and something with cables (because every knitter should make something with a cable, right?) But then I think, why? Why should I do any of those things?  Because that’s what I assume society thinks about knitters? So what? I enjoy what I do, and that’s the whole reason I opened my shop–to knit things I love and share that love with others.  And maybe one day I will knit all those complex projects, but only when I feel like I want to, not because I feel like I should.

The point is: do what you like!  Whether its a creative passion or weekend hobby or nighttime routine, do what you like to do.  Don’t feel pressured by what you *think* other people think you should do. Otherwise, how else will we enjoy our days and be happy?


Photo Credit, +Angst


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