DIY Hot Socks (Rice Socks)

DIY Rice Hot SocksCall it a hot sock, rice sock, or personal heating pad, one thing is for sure–you should have one. Why? It’s simple, takes less than a minute to make, and you probably already have the materials in your house. Plus they’re great to have for:

  • soothing sore muscles
  • warming up the bed at night
  • relieving cramps and/or headaches

Most directions I found for these included sewing them shut, but since my sewing skills aren’t very good, I just tied a really tight knot with a spare bit of yarn.  Surprisingly, I haven’t had any rice fall out and we’ve been using them for over a year!

DIY Rice Hot Socks

Make Your Own Hot Sock (Rice Sock)


  • Clean cotton socks.  Tube socks are easy to work with , and thermals are great for distributing heat and are less prone to holes, any sock will work.  Mine were just mismatched leftovers from a previous craft.
  • Regular white rice–not instant!  If you don’t have any, it’s very inexpensive to buy…or try dry beans, but they’re a bit lumpy.
  • Bit of string/yarn (or sewing skills)


  1. Fill each sock up about 3/4 of the way with rice.
  2. Tie the top very tight with the string, or sew the top shut.
  3. Heat up in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. Careful–they can get hot!

Enjoy the warmth the next time you have a sore muscle or want to keep your toes toasty in the bed. You can even make one for everyone in the family.  Happy crafting!


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