Product Review: Tooth Powder

tooth powder

I believe the greatest way to help the planet is to simply REDUCE the waste we produce.  If we can reduce the waste, then there’s less to worry about reusing or recycling.  The first big area I’ve been tackling is personal hygeine.  The last two product reviews covered the waste-reducing solutions I found for women’s monthly gift from Mother Nature, and this week we move on to brushing our teeth.

Problem: Commercially-produced fluoride toothpaste produces garbage by way of plastic tubing and emerging evidence shows sodium fluoride to be harmful to our health.

Solution: Tooth Powder! Fluoride-free, vegan, and comes in a biodegradable container!

I purchased this tooth powder from Rex Organics on Etsy.  They’re based out of Portland, Oregon, and so far I’m loving the tooth powder I got from them!

Now, I’m imagining you may be a little hesitant about tooth powder.  After all, it’s really very different from the toothpaste we grew up using.  It’s weird, and honestly I had to force myself to use it when it first arrived in the mail.  It was so much easier to just grab my boyfriend’s toothpaste tube and squeeze some on my brush.  The tooth powder is a little more work (like, all of 10 seconds more, I was just being whiny) in that you can’t just dip your toothbrush into the powder, you have to scoop a little out and put it on the brush.  If you dip your brush into the powder, moisture and bacteria will ruin the whole thing. No one wants that.

It comes in a thick paper tub, which I will be moving to a little mason jar (as soon as I have an empty one in the kitchen). The tub is biodegradable, so you can just toss it in your compost pile if you want!  Or keep it and refill it when you need more powder.  Personally I’m too afraid of the container getting wet if I set it on the counter and then seeping through to the powder and ruining it, but that’s just me. Eco friendly bonus: using all natural ingredients means you’re not rinsing harmful chemicals down the sink and into the water supply!

tooth powder

Since there aren’t any sodium lauryl sulfates or other surfactants in it, this tooth powder doesn’t foam up like regular toothpaste does.  Don’t be surprised by this! The first time I used it, it was so odd.  It felt weird when I first put it in my mouth,and while there is a hint of peppermint from essential oils, its not nearly as sweet or minty as commercial toothpaste.  Again, don’t be surprised!  That’s how it’s supposed to be. The main job is to clean your teeth, right?  Not feel like you’re having a mint candy in your mouth.

Does it work?  Yes!  I’m happy to report that it does!  I’ve been using it for over a month now, and my mouth feels squeaky clean after each brushing.  I’ve even noticed some whitening, though subtle, and I’m quite satisfied with the results.

So if you’re looking for a way to clean up your teeth brushing routine, try tooth powder next time you’re out of toothpaste.  The environment (and your mouth) will thank you!


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