Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Alternatives

eco friendly gift wrap

Photo Credit, Loma Watt

The holidays are meant to be a time of giving, of generosity, of kindness and love–NOT a time to contribute to the desecration of the environment.  Instead of wrapping paper that’s destined for the landfill, try some of these eco-friendly gift wrapping alternatives and have a greener holiday!

1. Old maps2. Newspaper/Comics

3. Brown paper bags (pictured above decorated with paper cutouts and spices)

4. Scarf, Sweater, or Other Useful Gift

5. Aluminum Foil or Inside-Out Chip Bags (washed and dried of course)

6. Old Sheets or Fabric Scraps7. Fruit Mesh Bags (you know, the colorful mesh bags you get apples, oranges, and other citrus fruit in)

8. Oatmeal tube or other cylindrical container

9. Reusable Gift Wrap, if you can’t find anything else and feel like you have to buy something (at least it won’t end up in the trash!)


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