Product Review – Lunapads

Ah, that time of the month again….for another product review!At the end of October I reviewed the Mooncup, an ecofriendly alternative to tampons.  In addition to the menstrual cup, I also ordered and have been using a Lunapad mini pantyliner for about two months now.

LunaPads Panty Liner

While I find the Mooncup doesn’t leak, I still needed some kind of protection for the beginning and end of my period when the flow is light–not enough for the cup, but too much to go without any protection.  Enter the Lunapad, a reusable washable all natural cotton pantyliner free of harsh chemicals and fragrances.  Lunapads also offers regular pads for heavier flows, but I choose a pantyliner since I only needed something thin for light days.I choose a pattern that was mostly black, but there are many other colors available to suit your taste.  I may eventually end up buying another to have as a backup, likely an organic version which I just found out was available.So far I’ve really enjoyed using the Lunapad.  It’s soft and comfortable, and unlike so many disposable pantyliner, doesn’t cause me any irritation (I had trouble with allergic reactions to pantyliners before, it was terrible).  I simply throw it in the wash when I’m done, and if you find yours is getting stained you can soak it in cold water to help before washing it.  Please note, it WILL shrink in the wash, so go a size bigger if you’re worried.
The snap in the gussets help keep it in place, and I haven’t had any trouble with it moving around too much, even when I sleep. Overall a great experience! I recommend giving it a try, especially if you have any sensitivities to the chemicals in disposable pads or pantyliners.  Even if you don’t, think about the bleached, plastic-lined, fragrance-doused materials you’re putting near your most sensitive parts every month.  It’s not a pretty thing. Wouldn’t you rather have something more natural and comfortable?So if you want another option to make your monthly routine a little more ecofriendly, try a reusable cotton pad or pantyliner!  I’ll admit, it’s a much easier switch than the Mooncup, so it may be a good starting point for most people.

Until next time, stay green!


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