The Custom Benefit of Handmade

A few weeks ago, Handmadeology featured my guest post on 10 Awesome Reasons to Buy Handmade Gifts This Year, and among those reasons is customization.  Whether you want to tweak an existing product or design something completely new, many handmade artisans are more than willing to help you get the product you’ve been dreaming of.I know many people simply think of putting your first or last name on something when I say you can “customize” or “personalize” a gift, but it goes beyond that.  For example, I recently had a customer who liked my blue rose pin:


She wanted it in a different color though, and slightly smaller so it would fit better on a baby’s hat.  After a few message exchanges, we were in business, and I whipped up this little cutie:

It’s a product completely thought of by the customer, and I love knowing that.  Now it’s availabe in the shop as a made-to-order item for anyone else that would like one!Maybe you don’t see what you want in the shop at all?  No problem!  Last year I made matching leg warmers and fingerless gloves for a mother and daughter, and I didn’t even have leg warmers listed in my shop at all–she just liked the yarn I was using.

Just don’t be afraid to ask! Whether it’s me or another handmade artist, we’re happy to work with you so you don’t have to settle for anything less than exactly what you want.


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