Why Wool

I’m quite happy to announce that I received a large shipment of organic wool yarn over this past weekend, and couldn’t be more excited to bring you new organic, sustainable, eco friendly knit goods! But you may be wondering why I use wool in the first place.  I know some people may worry about the treatment of the animals on sheep farms, or the impact of wool production on the environment.  So here I shall share why I choose to use wool.
O-Wool yarn

I knew when I started Knitting Naturals that I wanted to use wool yarn.  Once I realized how harmful acrylic yarn is to the environment and to our health, I started looking for more natural yarn options, and wool was one of the first fibers on the list.
Then I came across the horror that is conventional wool production.  Overcrowded farms, sheep dipped in chemical baths, strips of flesh brutally sheared from their backsides (called mulesing)–it was gut-wrenching. As an animal lover, I could not in good conscious support an industry like that.  I struggled for a long time on whether or not I should include wool in my shop.  Was it ethical?  Was it good for the environment? Even if I found organic wool, would that mean the sheep were treated humanely too?  What about yarn dyes and production?  It was enough to make me want to quit knitting.But I found a wonderful company in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. The company is O-Wool, and they are by far the best I’ve run across. Certified organic non-mulesed wool, with yarn spun in the USA, dyed and skeined right in Philadelphia.  They use low-impact dyes recommended by the Organic Trade Association without heavy metals or excessive waste.  After extensive research, they met all my personal requirements.

O Wool Yarn

Photo Credit, Lolly Knit

I decided that as long as I was using their wool yarn, I could sleep at night.  Wool has been used for years in textiles because it has so many amazing benefits, and I really do believe it is better for your health to use and wear natural wool over synthetic fibers.  I want everyone to experience the softness and warmth of wool, to curl up in the thick fibers and feel cozy, to have a beautiful piece that will last for years, and hold up well to wear and tear.So that’s why I use wool, and I don’t feel bad about it.  It’s a wonderfully natural fiber, and I’m relieved to have found an ethical, organic, and sustainable source so I can continue to bring you all the hand knit goods you can want.

You can find more information about O-Wool on their website.


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