DIY Replacement Earphone Covers

I have two headsets for my computer–one more than I should necessarily need.  The set I’ve been using has big comfy headphones, but it’s bulky and the microphone part is broken.  The other set is smaller and neatly compact (the microphone even works), but sadly I lost the foam covers for the earpieces long ago.  Now every time I try to wear them the hard plastic hurts my ears–it’s very uncomfortable to say the least.Instead of throwing them out and buying a new pair (something I may have considered doing in the past) or buying replacement foam pads, I was inspired by Beth at My Plastic-Free Life with a crafty DIY solution–crochet your own replacement covers!

My result:


Not bad at all if I do say so myself.  They took all of 10 minutes to whip up and fit snugly over the ear pieces.  I kept going and crocheted a little padding for the top (which was hurting my head if I wore the headset for too long).If you want to give it a try yourself, simply crochet a circle large enough to cover the flat part of the earpiece, then crochet a few additional rows without increasing the circle (one single crochet in each stitch) so the cover will wrap around the ear a piece a bit.  When I was done I left a bit of a tail and threaded it through the edge of my cover.  Once I fit it on the ear piece I pulled the tail and it tightened the whole cover around the ear piece.

Here’s was it looks like now:


So before you go throwing something out, try to find a creative way to make it useful again!  There’s usually a simple DIY solution out there that will save you some money, and save the environment from another piece of garbage.

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