Product Review: LifeFactory Glass Water Bottle

As a way to help you find the best ‘green’ products on the market, I’m doing periodic product reviews of items that I’ve personally tested and believe to be a good investment in our journey towards a more eco friendly lifestyle.

LifeFactory Water Bottle

glass water bottle

Today’s review is on the 16 oz. glass water bottle made by LifeFactory. As a great alternative to the polluting plastic water bottles that litter our highways and oceans, these glass water bottles are sturdy, easy to clean, and don’t leech any funny tastes into your water.  I know there are reusable plastic water bottles out there, but I try to avoid plastic whenever I can, and metal water bottles feel and taste weird to me.  Glass was the answer!

LifeFactory offers multiple sizes of water bottles in 16 oz and 22 oz for adults, or smaller baby and toddler bottles in 4 oz. and 9 oz. Each bottle size has multiple cap types to choose from as well, making these versatile and customized to fit your life.

My water bottle has the flip top cap which makes it easy to sip on-the-go.  I love that all the bottles are wide-mouthed, making it easy to add plenty of ice cubes.

Their caps fit both the 16 oz. and 22 oz. bottles so you can mix and match if you want.  I think I might get a plain classic cap soon, just for fun!


Although it may sound strange, I think the 9 oz. kids bottle would be the perfect size to fit in a purse or bag when you just want a little refreshment and don’t want to carry a larger bottle around all day.

I’ve had my water bottle since May and so far it’s held up great.  I take it with me EVERYWHERE–to work, shopping, out in the yard, car trips, even just around the house. It’s been dropped, kicked, and knocked over countless times by me or the dog.  Not a crack or scratch on it yet!  The only problem I have is that the cap can be a little hard to clean, and my iced tea has stained a few of the corners on the underside.  Other than that I have no complaints!  I encourage you to give glass water bottles a try if you’re trying to find an alternative to plastic water bottles.  Carrying one around all the time is a great way to stay hydrated too!


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