Birthdays, Traveling, and More

Lifefactory Glass Water BottleI know I haven’t posted in a few weeks, mostly because we’ve been busy packing and getting ready for the move, but this morning I ready Tammy’s posts about moving on Rowdy Kittensand she never fails to inspire me, so here I am squeezing in a quick update before work.

Let’s start with birthdays shall we?  Last week I had my birthday, and over the weekend Nate had his, which meant a lot of travelling and family time!  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed all the good food and great company.I got the awesome glass water bottle pictured above from my brother, along with:

  • Seeds for beets, eggplant, squash, and cucumbers.  Perfect for a small garden out at the house this year!
  • A whole pound of strawberries (those were gone in a few days 🙂 yum!)
  • Cool zoo-themed scrapbooking paper, which really makes me want to get back into scrapbooking after the move is done.
  • A set of cloth napkins, a hand towel, picnic blanket and matching napkins, and a reusable tote, all of which was a wonderful surprise since I’m moving towards a less wasteful lifestyle
  • A Best Buy gift card
  • A great date night at the drive in theatre to see Iron Man 3
  • These pretty violas that make me smile in the morning


new Fetch glassesI also got some new glasses!  I’m very happy with them, and feel even better knowing that the profits will go to animal shelters and animal rescue (I purchased my glasses through Fetch).  Yes, my hair is looking a bit crazy here, but I literally just snapped this before I started the post.

These are the Sadie glasses in an Olive Tortoise in case you were wondering.  I like them because they remind me a bit of a teacher’s glasses, but aren’t too old-fashioned looking.  I feel like they fit my personality really well, and I’d be just as comfortable wearing them to a country farmer’s market as I would to a job interview without feeling they are too out of place.

The move is just over a month away, and we are doing our best to be fully prepared.  We’ve moved 5 times in the past 4 years, so I’d say I’m getting pretty good at packing, but it’s always stressful and super busy.  This time is different than most since we are moving so far from our current location.  There are definitely more obstacles to face than simply moving across town, and there’s much more uncertainty involved, but above it all I can’t help but feel excited.  To jump headlong into the unknown can be exhilarating, and it opens up many opportunities for great adventures.I’ll try to keep posting through the move, but it may not be as often as I usually post.  Remember to be happy today and every day!


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