The Big Move

Well it’s official, we’re moving!  This news is actually unsurprising considering Nate and I have moved 5 times in the past 4 years, but this time is different.  We’re moving about 2 hours from our current location to an actual HOUSE, with a yard and a basement and a washer/dryer.  The old farm house is situated on 5 acres of land, and while it will take some work to make it a cozy home, I’m very excited at all the possibilities!

A lot of plus sides:

  • A yard for the dog to play in
  • Space to build a nice big garden and even compost
  • A washer/dryer in the house
  • The kitchen and storage space to bake and can our own foods
  • Lower monthly bills
  • A kitchen with a window and full size oven (no more apartment sized stove!)
  • Possibly the beginning of our very own homestead!  We may even be taking care of some chickens out there

A few down sides:

  • The basement needs cleaned up and sealed
  • Chicken coups need built
  • The yard needs cleaned up and we’ll have to maintain it (we’ve never needed to mow the grass in an apartment)
  • No shower (but there is a jacuzzi tub so I really do think this will be OK once I get used to it)
  • Larger space to clean

Overall the up sides outweigh any negatives.  I see it as a fresh start, a new adventure, and a chance to get back to nature and pursue a life I fully love and enjoy.  Bring on the future!


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