New Yarn for the New Year

O-Wool YarnI’m very excited to announce that new organic merino wool yarn (in Coal black) and a luxurious blend of organic merino and alpaca yarn (in very natural Fringetree) has finally arrived!

When I first discovered O-Wool online I fell in love.  My goal is to buy all my organic wool yarn exclusively from O-Wool due to their upstanding procedures and practices regarding organic certification.  Not only is their wool yarn 100% organic, the fiber is sourced from U.S. farmers and processed in Pennsylvania (my neighboring state).I respect everything they are doing, and love that they provide so much information on their yarn.  You can read much more about O-Wool yarn on our own yarn page or visit the O-Wool website.

They just recently introduced their Local series, which blends organic merino with alpaca yarn sourced from Pepper Pot Farm in Lambertsville, NJ.    Alpaca yarn has by far been the most difficult for me to procure.  Although there are several local alpaca farms in my area, the fiber is only harvested in the spring, making supplies limited for year-round use.

Rest-assured I’ll be ordering from O-Wool again.  I was pleasantly surprised that my package was carefully wrapped in colorful tissue paper and included a hand-written note.  I believe it’s the small details that make a difference in business, and the personal touches are the ones people remember. Those are the same memorable characteristics I bring to Knitting Naturals so that together we can help safe the Earth, one skein of yarn at a time.


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