DIY Cork Bulletin Board

This neat project combines art and functionality by using wine corks to create a useful bulletin board.  Easily post notes, lists, or photos on your wall or near an entry way.  Time to start saving those corks!

DIY Cork BoardMaterials

  • empty picture frame with cardboard backing (usually comes with the frame)
  • spray paint if you want the frame a different color
  • wine corks (the number you need will depend on how big your frame is
  • craft glue
  • Exacto knife

DIY Cork Bulletin Board

1. Use the Exacto knife to slice your corks into even slices, about 1/2″ thick.  You can also simply eyeball it to have slightly uneven slices, which will create visual texture with the finished product.2. Spray paint your frame (if you choose to) and allow to completely dry.

3. Use a little craft glue to attach the cork slices to the cardboard backing and allow to fully dry.

4.  Set up on a table or hang on the wall to enjoy your creation!

This tutorial originated from Adventures in Creating.


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